House Rules

Character Traits and Flaws
d% Trait
01–03 Abrasive 04–06 Absent-minded 07–09 Aggressive 10–11 Brawler1 12–13 Cautious1 14–16 Detached 17–19 Dishonest 20–21 Distinctive1 22–24 Easygoing 25–27 Farsighted 28–30 Focused 31–33 Hard of Hearing 34–36 Hardy 37–39 Honest 40–41 Illiterate1 42–43 Inattentive1 44–46 Musclebound 47–49 Nearsighted 50–51 Nightsighted1 52–54 Passionate 55–57 Plucky 58–60 Polite
61–62 Quick1 63–65 Reckless 66–68 Relentless 69–70 Saddleborn 71–73 Skinny 74–76 Slippery 77–78 Slow1 79–81 Specialized 82–84 Spellgifted 85–87 Stout 88–90 Suspicious 91–93 Torpid 94–96 Uncivilized 97–100 Roll again twice
1 Trait has special restrictions (see
the text). If you don’t qualify, roll
2 No starting character may have more than two traits. If a player rolls this result two or more times, the player may choose which two traits to keep.

Weapon Group Feats
Class Weapon Group Profi ciencies at 1st Level
Barbarian Basic weapons, plus any other three
Bard Basic weapons, plus any other two
Cleric Basic weapons, plus any other two
Druid Basic weapons, plus either druid weapons or spears
Fighter1 Basic weapons, plus any other four
Monk Basic weapons, plus any other one
Paladin Basic weapons, plus any other three
Ranger Basic weapons, plus any other three
Rogue Basic weapons, plus any other two
Sorcerer Basic weapons, plus either spears or crossbows
Wizard Basic weapons or crossbows
1 Add Weapon Group (any) to the fi ghter’s list of bonus feats.

Alignment Changes



Sanity Points

Magic Rating

Spells Points

Armor Damage Reduction

Slower Magical Healing
(Raise Dead turns people into undead)
(Resurrection raises person for 1d6+ caster level)
(True Resurrection has a quest to get)
(All these spells have no xp cost)

Complex Skills Checks

Out-of-Turn Dodges

Test Based Prerequisites

House Rules

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